The Hugs That Matter

Mom, as we grew up, you saw us through thick and thin, always embracing us with your love and support. Back when we were in school, we would work hard through classes then celebrate with friends, coming home all breathless and sweaty yet, you still had a hug for us. When we landed our first job, you beamed with pride as you wrapped us in your arms. And even as life dealt its challenges with us, we may shut out the world in our sadness, but, you still managed to break into our hearts with your selfless love—and a sweet embrace.

And on Mother’s Day—and every day before and after—we embrace every moment we share together. Moments of affection. Moment of delicious and creamy meals shared at the table. Moments of returning your embrace with an even tighter one.

On this day, we are going to give back the hugs that matter.