Chicken Embutido

Make the holiday celebrations extra special with this Cheesy Chicken Embutido recipe made with Eden Queso de Bola!

15 - 20 mins
3 - 5 people

Product use: Eden Queso de Bola

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1 kilogram Ground Chicken  

2 pieces Eggs  

¾ cup All Purpose Flour  

1 piece Carrot, cut into small cubes  

1 piece Onion, minced  

1 piece Red bell pepper, cut into small cubes  

3/4 cup Raisins  

3 tablespoons Pickle Relish  

1 teaspoon Ground black pepper  

1 teaspoon Salt  

1 tablespoon Sugar  

3 tablespoons Ketchup  

1 cup Christmas regular ham, cut into small cubes  

4 bars (160 g) Eden Queso De Bola  

- 1 bar, grated  

- 3 bars, cut into sticks  

Product Used:


1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl including 1 bar of grated Eden Queso de Bola. Mix until well combined. In a separate bowl/container, cut 3 bars of Eden Queso de Bola cut into strips.

2. Prepare 5-7 pieces of aluminum foil about 12 inches long each. Grease each aluminum foil with oil.

3. Put 1 cup of mixture on each aluminum foil. Flatten the mixture.

4. Put a strip of Eden Queso de Bola in the middle of the flattened meat mixture.

5. Roll the foil from top to bottom to form a cylinder. Twist both ends of the foil to seal the Embutido.

6. Repeat Steps #3-5 until the meat mixture is consumed.

7. Steam the Embutido for atleast 45 minutes.

8. Let it cool before slicing.


-Bread crumbs may be used instead of All Purpose flour as a binder for Embutido.

-Sliced Meat loaf, Ham and boiled Egg can also be used as fillings for Embutido together with the EDEN Queso de bola.

-Embutido maybe served as Chilled or fried depending on your preference.