Choose from our creamy Eden products for every recipe need.

Eden Queso de Bola

Eden Queso De Bola is Eden’s seasonal product for the holiday season. It offers the creaminess and cheesiness of Eden with the added Queso De Bola flavoring to add some Christmas spirit to our dishes.

Eden Queso de Bola is available in 160g.

Kraft Cheddar

Update your cooking ingredient staples by including Kraft Cheddar in your kitchen pantry!
You’ll love the classic cheddar taste that perfectly balances sharpness and creaminess
 for a true flavor explosion!

Kraft Cheddar is available in 165g and 440g boxes.

Eden Magic Whirl

Whatever you feel like whipping up today, Eden Magic Whirl is the tastiest choice for every kitchen need. This all-purpose dressing works wonders to turn starters, entrees, snacks and desserts into creamy creations that’ll have everybody coming back for more!

Eden Magic Whirl is available in 220ml and 470ml jars, and 3.5L tubs.

Eden Singles

Preparing sandwiches and burgers are easier with Eden Singles. With the same delicious creaminess of our favorite Eden Original, each individually wrapped silky slice of cheese is ready to add to recipes so you can enjoy it anytime!

Eden Singles is available in a 125g pack with 6 individually wrapped slices.

Eden Sandwich Spread

Eden Sandwich Spread is the only creamy and cheesy option for your recipes. If you’re looking for a spread-ready option, this is the perfect choice for sandwiches, burgers, or roll ups, among others. You’ll love how the fillings bind together in a rich and cheesy embrace that the entire family will fall in love with.

Eden Sandwich Spread is available in 80ml pouches, 220ml stand up pouches, 220ml and 470ml jars.

Eden MeltSarap

Embrace each meal in a melt-in-your-mouth goodness that will tickle the taste buds and make everyone crave for more with Eden Melt Sarap! Turn your everyday recipes into an extraordinary treat with this quick melt cheese.

Eden Melt Sarap is available in 165g and 440g boxes.

Eden Mayo

There’s nothing like Eden Mayo! The only mayo with a rich, creamy and cheesy taste. Used as an ingredient for cooking, a condiment and even for dressing, Eden Mayo is a truly versatile product that’s perfect for turning up the creaminess in any dish the family desires!

Eden Mayo is available in 80ml pouches, 220ml stand-up pouches, 220ml and 470ml jars and 3.5L tubs.

Eden Original

When it comes to creating creamy dishes, nothing comes close to Eden cheese, the original that Filipinos have loved for more than 30 years—a true part of our culinary heritage! Eden gives your recipes a distinct rich creaminess for mealtimes made with love.

Eden Original is available in a 35g sulit pack, and 165g, 440g and 990g boxes.