Eden Cheesy Chicken Sopas

Comfort your lolo and lola for Grandparents’ Day with this warm and creamy take on the classic chicken sopas!

30 grams, Eden MeltSarap diced
0.25 kilo, chicken breast shredded/ boiled
150 grams, carrots diced
150 grams, potato diced
50 grams, cabbage shredded
20 grams, onion chopped
10 grams, garlic chopped
250 grams, macaroni pasta cooked/ al dente
3 tbsp, butter
1.5 cups, evaporated milk
1 tbsp, salt
1 tsp, pepper

1. Boil the chicken breast and set aside the stock.
2. In a pot, sauté garlic and onions and pour in the chicken stock.
3. Add carrots, potato, shredded chicken in the chicken stock then boil.
4. Add the macaroni pasta, butter, cabbage, and Eden Meltsarap. Season with salt & pepper.
5. Sopas is ready, add evaporated milk until the desired taste.