Eden Creamy Pesto Farfalle

It’s rich, it’s cheesy, and the best part? It's full of Eden goodness. What else are you looking for? Try the Eden Creamy Pesto Farfalle. Watch the video for the full recipe.

30 grams, Eden MeltSarap grated
30 grams, Eden Original grated
0.5 cup, pesto sauce prepared
20 grams, farfalle pasta cooked/ al dente
0.25 cup, all-purpose cream
20 grams, pine nuts toasted/ chopped
1 tbsp, butter
1 tbsp, olive oil

1. In a pan, place butter, all-purpose cream and Eden MeltSarap and cook until smooth in texture.

2. Add in prepared pesto sauce and continue cooking.

3. Mix in cooked farfalle pasta and toss in rough chopped pine nuts.

4.Put in a plate and garnish with Eden Original.